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Atlanta Divorce & Parent, LLC

It's not just about the numbers; it's about what your family needs. 

Let's Get Serious About Moving Forward

Strong communication skills and a focus on the children's best interests are critical to the long-term success of today's co-parenting environment. Healthy co-parents and step-parents set reasonable, achievable goals, are accountable in positive ways to the other party, and utilize the best attributes of each other to reduce stress, build positive relationships with their children, and focus on the future.

When things aren't going well, it's time to bring in professionals to help support you and your family. We bring a wide range of customizable services to help you find peace, improve communication, and reduce stress. 

Case Almost Over? Concerned About Ongoing Conflict?

While the case is active, someone is always available to help navigate conflict. It's normal and natural to wonder what life will be like when the attorneys, guardians, and support team have moved on. Consider adding Atlanta Divorce & Parent's PCs to the final agreement to give both parties a neutral party to help interpret parenting time, resolve disputes, and help manage communication.

Our Services


Your BEST Next Step

Protecting Children from Conflict and Reducing Stress

Parenting Coordination is a non-confidential, child-centered process for conflicted divorced and divorcing parents. A Parenting Coordinator assists parents and maintains a healthy co-parenting relationship. The parent coordinator functions as a neutral with the goal of shielding children from parental conflict and avoiding repeated court intervention. A parenting coordinator may be assigned by the court or agreed to by the parties during mediation to assist in monitoring and collaborating with all parties, educating parents in practical co-parenting skills, and reducing stress on children caught in the middle of a high-conflict parental situation. We utilize technology such as Our Family Wizard (OFW) to ensure structure, quality, and compliance (Get OFW now).


(Engagements may be open-ended or contracted for a fixed number of sessions.) 

Help When You Are The ONLY One Trying...

Change often ends up with one party appearing to be working harder than the other to move forward. We help create tactics, tools, and processes that minimize conflict, reduce stress, and set boundaries. Unlike counseling, this process is a future-forward approach leading to practical and tactical next steps tailored to the specific situation. 

Our goal is to support, motivate, and guide to help make the best decisions based on interests, needs, and concerns. We facilitate the non-legal work and support that attorneys and their legal teams generally do not do. Together, we set boundaries, manage conflict, reframe communication, set goals, and manage emotions. Your team can choose additional areas for support, including pre-mediation/litigation help with getting organized, goal setting, organizing and preparing for attorney meetings, 

Show Tangible Support For Your Children

In an exciting partnership with WayPoint Coaching, your children have access to a leadership development program specifically designed for young people in challenging situations. In 10 individual sessions, students learn 32 critical concepts that will help them manage their lives now and for a lifetime.

Each student will focus on what is really important to them. It’s ok if they don’t know yet. The tools they will learn are designed to help them gain that confidence and self-awareness.

When students are less stressed, more motivated, and making healthy choices based on their values, grades go up, relationships improve, and students feel empowered to move confidently toward creating a fulfilling future.


Divorce often means a re-entry for one of the two parties. Navigating the world of employability during a divorce can be overwhelming. A transition coach helps manage both the emotional stress of change with tactical and practical help setting up a resume, job search strategy, LinkedIn profile, and interview tips. 

About Us


Strong communication skills and a focus on the best interest of the children are key to the long-term success of today's co-parenting environment. Healthy co-parents and step-parents set reasonable, achievable goals, are accountable in positive ways to the other party and utilize the best attributes of each other to reduce stress, build positive relationships with their children, and focus on a positive future.


We use certified coaches for all our ADAP & Affiliate work.

Coaching is used to create practical

and tactical next steps for the client. 


When it comes to Parenting Coordination, you need tactical and practical people to help develop that roadmap to success. Coaches bring skills and expertise to the table, making them uniquely positioned to help. Coaches focus on helping parents develop systems and build accountability. Coaches are trained to design practical strategies and skills for effective communication, problem-solving, and decision-making. We are proud of our expertise in conflict resolution, establishing boundaries, goal setting, and communication techniques.

Unlike therapists and attorneys, our certified coaches can work with clients worldwide. Our expert coaches have specialized training working in a virtual environment. We utilize videoconferencing technology to bring competent PC, coaching, and teen support to clients wherever they live. 

Many of our clients are also under the care of a therapist. If clients are suspected of having a mental illness or therapeutic issue and are NOT in the care of a therapist, our coaches are trained to recommend an individual therapist to work on the client's mental health. We are also trained to work with the therapist to coordinate care while we focus on the communication and conflict resolution part of the case. 



"In a word, Erica is magical! After only exchanging a few words, you too will find delight in her presence, and comfort in her ability to not only address your concerns but assure you of a path forward. She has an amazing ability to guide the conversation, while safely holding a space that clears the way for awareness and discovery. By combining wisdom, knowledge, and experience, with an incredible range of sage insight and intuition, it's no wonder her clients love and appreciate her!"  R.J.

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