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Meet Jeff Friedel

Education Empowers Everything

Jeff's mission is to empower human flourishing through

purposeful education.

Know better, do better. Purposeful education enables a bigger vision of what is possible and "right", the confidence and competence to navigate any journey, and the peace that comes from knowing you've assessed the options and are on the best path.

About Jeff

A wrestler in high school, Jeff went to West Point where he was President of the Engineering Forum and a Brigade Champion wrestler. He served in Texas, the Pentagon, and the State Department. After the Army, he worked at KPMG Consulting, at Goldman Sachs as a corporate bond trader, and was hired by an ex-McKinsey partner to be a managing director at his transformation and change management firm where in less than 4 years they created over $400 million in annual bottom line impact for their clients. He then co-founded and grew a software company to over 150 employees, receiving two rounds of VC funding led by Warburg Pincus, and which after he left - sold for $50 million.


Recent Activity


In the last 10 years, Jeff has coached, consulted, and worked for entrepreneurs and small business owners in the Atlanta area. He has experience in enterprise software, education technology, curriculum development, dynamic pricing, workflow optimization, government procurement, payments, as well as operational leadership, sales, client success, software implementation, change management, and leadership development. In his coaching practice, he typically works with entrepreneurs and high performing executives who served in the special operations forces. Personal Interests


He enjoys travel, adventure, the outdoors, and spending time with his wife of 26 years and their four children. He has been a member of Perimeter Church for 20 years where he currently serves as an elder and is active in multiple community organizations.


As a coach, Jeff partners with his clients to become a third-party objective observer helping them:

1) Improve reflect on how you’re doing the things you know how to do.
2) Grow think about things you are not currently doing that would help you.
3) Execute engage strategically with an accountability framework and cadence.

4) Be Supported I am an expert who is 100% “for” you. Invested in your success.


I'm always looking for new and exciting engage with teams.

Let's connect.

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